Documentation for: ASP.NET Ajax Version 1.0

This documentation is for a previous version. For the current released version, see the ASP.NET Ajax documentation on MSDN.








The UpdatePanel and UpdateProgress Controls


Partial-page rendering makes it unnecessary for the whole ASP.NET page to be refreshed as the result of a postback. Instead, only the region of the page that has to be refreshed is updated. As a result, users do not see the whole page reload with every postback, which makes user interaction with the Web page more seamless.

In This Section

Partial-Page Rendering Overview

Describes partial-page rendering and its components.

UpdatePanel Control Overview

Describes the UpdatePanel control, which identifies a region of the page as updatable using partial-page rendering.

UpdateProgress Control Overview

Describes the UpdateProgress control, which enables you to display status to users while an asynchronous request is pending.

PageRequestManager Class Overview

Describes the client PageRequestManager class, which manages partial-page rendering in the browser and enables you to customize partial-page rendering behavior.

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